About AdVance Realtors

Though Greg Vance would probably laugh loudest if you said he was the son of a dynasty, there’s no doubting that Kentucky realty is in his blood.

For at least three generations, every branch of his family tree has leafed into a Kentucky REALTOR. His mom has been an agent and, in addition to farming, his dad was both a REALTOR and livestock auctioneer. His maternal grandmother, Ruby Hayes, began selling real estate in Kentucky, in 1969. Grandfather, Tom Elder, was a master commissioner and broker in Fairfield, in Nelson County. Even his wife, Angela, is part of this family affair: She is the dynamo behind the couples’ thriving real estate title business, AdVance Title Company, which opened in October of 2003. Greg says, I’ve been around this business all of my life. I remember accompanying my grandparents on real estate calls as a child. It’s been amazing to see how being a REALTOR has changed.

How did he decide to open his own agency? He licensed as a REALTOR more than a decade ago, after briefly owning his own computer repair business. Though he first worked as a REALTOR for national real estate chains, he became restless with meeting the corporate expectations that, he felt, hampered the personal side of the business. Also Greg is clearly infused with an entrepreneurial spirit. So after witnessing the speedy success of AdVance Title-which already closes 40 to 60 titles a month thanks to what Greg calls Angela’s “perfect system” he felt emboldened to open AdVance REALTORS. In the short time since becoming a broker, in February of 2004, Greg has attracted a team of three other REALTORS and an able administrative assistant, Holly Hubbard, to handle the sales.

Always interested in rehabbing fixer-upper houses, Greg became the go-to-guy among some banking contacts who needed help with REO’s , bank-foreclosed houses that need gutting and repair. In addition to property sales, AdVance has developed a sideline managing from 5 to 10 REO’s per month. While Greg subcontracts some of the work, he personally handles as much of the rehabilitation, from small carpentry to minor repair, that he can. Angela even helps out from time to time with interior decorating.

Though busy with the work demanded by two growing businesses, Greg is very much the family man. He enthusiastically praises the role of wife Angela in his life: “Her goal-oriented, positive energy rubs off on everyone. She’s a terrific person and can do anything.” And he is the proud papa of a young son, Gabe. Partly for Gabe’s sake he looks forward to a family move, back to Nelson County and the more rural lifestyle that shaped him as a boy.

Though Greg Vance would probably laugh loudest if you said he was the son of a dynasty, there’s no doubting that Kentucky realty is in his blood.

He says, I’m from a small town, Bloomfield, and have small town values. Growing up on a farm enormously influenced me as a REALTOR. I know hard work. Animals are a serious responsibility that you can’t just abandon. Farm life is hard, and I’m willing to work as hard as it takes to help clients. Evan if I have to show a home at 12 o’clock at night!

It’s that work ethic that has motivated Greg Vance to “AdVance” so successfully in the family business.